Rajasthan, The Hottest Selling State In India

Rajasthan is a small state, located in the Northern part of India. Earlier this state was known as Bihar and the capital is New Delhi. The name of the state is from the Hindi word “Raj” which means kings. Rajasthan is also known by the name of the place where Bollywood’s Mika Singh was born – Rajasthan.

Mika Singh, who is from the state of Rajasthan, was arrested on 14 March on suspicion of being involved in pornographic activities. He was booked under sections pertaining to child pornography, obscene behavior and sexual abuse involving children. Mika Singh is a cousin of Bollywood actor and Rajkumar Kohli. Mika Singh is a dancer and an actor who appeared in Rajkumar Kohli’s hit movie “Chak De! Rak De!”

Mika Singh is one of Rajasthan’s most popular entertainers. He has been in and out of the limelight since he was a child. Mika began his acting career while reciting for Hindi movies. Mika’s talent soon caught the eye of directors who liked his performances. Mika’s early roles in films include “Chak De! Rak De!”

Mika’s arrest is an embarrassment to the state. His arrest followed news reports that the National AIDS Council had fined him for taking part in a promotion for the commercial market of adult videos. Mika is married to an American woman. On 14 March he was produced in a local court and was released on bail.

Mika Singh is yet to performing any show, however the Rajasthan Government has promised to investigate the case, and hold a separate inquiry into the circumstances leading to the actress’ arrest. Mika Singh is yet to make any public statement regarding his arrest. Rajasthan authorities maintain that they have not found any evidence that Singh engaged in porn.

Rajasthan is the home of Raja stars like Jai Jawan Kajolia, Nanban, and others. The state also has a rich history. It is the ancestral home of Rajputana rulers. Mika Singh’s arrest is definitely a blow to the Rajasthan film industry. Hopefully he will be allowed to continue working once he recovers from his injuries.

Rajasthan is the home of Ranbir Kapoor and Kamal Amrohi. They have been immensely successful in their careers so far, and this surely bodes well for future projects. It is interesting to note that both Mika Singh and Ranbir Kapoor have made an enormous amount of films in India, both on English and Hindi screens. Most of their films have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.

The success of Rajasthan films has also helped independent producers and directors take advantage of the open casting opportunities in India. Recently we saw an interesting example in the case of Anushka Shehnani who was arrested under the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Act for allegedly harassing a Scheduled caste girl. The Rajasthan film industry is a major producer of Indian movies outside India. Besides Rajasthan there are many other states in India where we see movies being made. However, none of these states has ever achieved box office success like Rajasthan has. That, along with some of Rajasthan’s great actors, has helped make Rajasthan the biggest hit it has ever had.

The movie itself is a fantastic story of love, honor and betrayal. Mika Singh plays the role of Jaswant Singh, who falls in love with an American woman, Sita. Once they marry, she becomes suspicious that her husband has another wife. This forces him to take on the identity of his wife in order to hide from her. Mika Singh does a great job of playing a character that we expect to see in an Indian movie, and he makes an interesting role in the Rajasthan filmography.

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