Independent Escort Shower Sex Tip

Shower sex is one of the most thought about sex by everyone. Like movies, and shows having sex in the shower feels so refreshing and sexy isn’t it. But is shower sex feels the same as it looks like?

According to las vegas escorts independent, there are certain before and during points to follow to have great shower sex. Shower sex does not look like as it has been shown till now, you can not go directly into the shower, and start having sex. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind while having shower sex.

Independent las vegas escorts shower sex tips

  • Put the heating on:- Shower sex is going to rock your sex life and give you a new interesting way of connecting but remember to keep the heat or hot water on while entering the shower as due to sex and intimacy thoughts, your blood circulation rises making you warmer and if you enter directly into a cold breeze of shower all your mood will be crushed by temperature. Having great sex requires warmness in the environment.
  • Use shower gels instead of soaps:- Soaps seem fine but when you are planning to have sex in shower use shower gels because soap is not made for sexual intercourse, its harsh chemical can irritate your genitals while you have sex thus it is recommended by independent escorts in las vegas to use mind chemical-free shower gels.

Steps Of Sex During Pregnancy Recommend By Outcall Escort

  • Spooning:- Spooning is the relaxing position in which partners penetrate while lying side by side holding the belly, this position is most suitable for the second and third trimester.
  • Reverse cowgirl:- reverse cowgirl position is suitable during the first and second trimester. This position involves you or the outcall vegas to grind over others for sex.
  • Anal sex:- Anal sex is safe during pregnancy as it can be done in any position, from spooning to doggy style. But make sure you use a condom every time you have anal sex to prevent bacterial and STIs transfer. Use lube properly and go slow in anal sex.  Anal sex is good for all trimester however you should take care during the last trimester, and beware of using any sex toy, finger, or penis to use in vagina directly as it can cause infection and miscarriage too.
  • Side by side:- Side by side is the same as spooning except that in side by side you face each other while having sex. This position is good for oral sex and hand or sex toy penetration sex. This sex position is best for the third trimester as it allows you to support belly with pillows and towels.
  • Tabletop:- Tabletop position provides you comfortable sex without getting much fatigue as you can manage and shift easily to change angels of penetration to get most out of it.
  • Non-penetrative:– Non-penetrative or oral sex is beneficial and healthy for pregnancy period as it does not include any penetration. But keep in mind never to blow air in or around the vagina during any kind of sex.

Following the guidelines and using these vegas outcall recommended sex positions, you can get pleasure without any problem.